8 Best Life Changing Books to Read in 2019

Reading Books and gaining knowledge is one of the finest ways for personal growth. The books help us see things in a different perspective. The world around us seems optimistic and enhances our confidence in dealing with life situations. Most of the people stop learning after school and Collage but it is not certainly the right way to go. The dark shades of life suddenly appear grey and when probed further begin to reveal colors hidden in them.  Once Steve Siebold interviewed 1200 richest people of the world and find out one most common habits among them is “reading books”. The more you get knowledge, the more you can enhance your growth.

Here, I am going to share with you the thoughts of some most successful people in the world and find out one most common habits among them is “reading books”.

ELON MUSK- The CEO of Space X and Tesla has given all the credit of his success to book reading. The billionaire divulged in an interview that he was raised by his book reading habits. He used to read more than 10 hours a day in his childhood. Where he read complete Encyclopedia Britannica at the age of 9 years. He learned many coding languages by reading books and created a game by his own then sold out and earned a thousand dollars.

Warren Buffet – World 3rd richest person Warren Buffett revealed in his interview, when asked about his key to success, he said, reading books build up knowledge and confidence that enhance decision-making capacity like compound interest. He had given all his success credit to Benjamin Graham book  “ The Intelligent Investor”. Warren Buffett reads  500-600 pages every day and spends 80%  of his time on reading.

Bill gates- 2nd richest person on the planet has also read thousands of books till now. He reads new books and uploads its summery on his website “gatesnotes.com”. He reads 50 books every year and highly recommends reading books.

Mark Zuckerberg-  The founder of Facebook and Whats app Mark Zuckerberg also credited Reading books habit to his success. In 2015 Mark created an online library where he reads a book every day. 

Mark Cuban- “I read books more than three hours in a day,” Mark Cuban writes on his blog,  Cuban said everything that I read anyone can buy and read the same books and magazines. The same information still available for everyone and they should take advantage of this.


Why We Should Read Books?

Whatever we are today, the way we think, the way we interpret things in life are the results of what we do in our daily routine life. To control our mind, we need to adopt some reading habits that develop our thinking capacity and enter the sub-conscious mind, that controls our heart and soul. In this era of technology and hectic life, people often find it difficult to find out time for their personal enhancement. However, e-books and easy internet access have made it easy and possible for all. When we read a specific book on a specific topic, we are able to understand the peaks and valleys of that particular situation that we might be facing at some point in our life. There is an old saying that “Books are our best friends”. Undoubtedly books are human’s best friends that only shows the right path of living life in all situations.

Benefits of Reading Books

Books are basically the medium for authors to share their good and bad experiences in life. This ultimately provides readers a chance to read and understand the possible situations in our life. You may check out some highlighting benefits of reading books:

Increases focus

Increases intelligence

Increases confidence

Increases decision-making capacity

Relieve stress and depression

Increases Happiness

1. Mindset by ‘Carol S. Dweck’-

The first book I recommend is ‘Mindset’ by ‘Carol S. Dweck’. In this book, the author wants to say People has primarily two sorts of mentality – Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. The people who have fixed mindset always thinks they have fixed talent and quality, so they can’t improve or can’t change themselves, on the other hand, people having Growth Mindset realizes they can enhance themselves and master anything. So it is a great idea to have a Growth Mindset. Perusing the book clears your routes towards The Ultimate objective of your life. This book must spur you to get Growth Mindset and know your concealed quality.

2. Managing Oneself By Peter Drucker:

Peter Drucker is an instructor, Consultant, and writer of numerous administration books. Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker is a standout amongst the most valuable and successful books that will make you mindful of many stunning actualities about yourself. This book is short and simple to read and inspire you towards your further objectives. This book shows you, ” who are you and what are your qualities? ” You may think you know what your qualities are nevertheless you may not be right. In this book the writer wants to say you should know yourself and how to manage yourself, this is the best thing so as to get the achievement. In this book, the writer gives such a significant number of questions that we ought to ask ourselves.

3. The Power of Subconscious Mind By Joseph Murphy-

“Keep your cognizant personality occupied with the desire for the best” – Joseph Murphy writer of this stunning book, The intensity of your Subconscious Mind explains the working of our psyche. He clarified around two sorts of Conscious and Subconscious Mind by saying Conscious personality is your reasoning and mind that can think just a single idea at a solitary time. It is otherwise called sensible and thinking mind. When somebody solicits, What is the various from 2 and 4 at that point it’s your Conscious personality which happens to settle this Multiplication? When we know about the present minute then Conscious personality works yet it can speak to just 10% intensity of our cerebrum. The Subconscious personality controlled our automatic activities like; Breathing rate, pulses, feelings and so forth. Our Subconscious personality stores our recollections, data, any rate recollections in our psyche and dependent on that memory we respond at a specific time. This book will instruct you to get together the intensity of your both Subconscious and Conscious personality and apply this for what do you precisely need. Know yourself, Your capacity and Strength must peruse this book.

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki

We Go to schools, Collages, and any institution for the study and go through over 20 years of our life. We adopt such huge numbers of things there however for all intents and purposes under 10% of things we can apply in our life. They never show us how to acquire Money, how we can utilize the cash flow. In this book, Robert T. Kiyosaki shows us how to end up financially independent and make assets rather than liabilities. He shared his two dad’s story in this book where one was Rich and second one was poor. He separates how poor people teach their kids just in the contrary way, what rich individuals suggest their child from childhood. His own dad who was poor always says to him ‘ you should consider hard with the goal that one day you will find a good job in a reputed organization. In another scenario, his friend’s rich father encouraged him we ought to go to schools, universities and concentrate well with the goal that one day you will make an organization and give the job to other people. He showed him numerous pragmatic approaches to construct resources and wind up rich. Later on, Robert turned into an extremely rich person in the wake of applying those standards throughout his life.

5. How to win friends and influence people By Dale Carnegie

Assume you are conversing with somebody whom you truly like, yet you don’t have words to keep a discussion streaming. Maybe you are an introvert person in nature or scared of saying something. In this book, Dale Carnegie (Author of this book) shows us relational abilities, Social aptitudes and how to make individuals like you. This book was published in 1936 but still relevant to this day. This book will instruct you to change the manner in which you approach social elements and make people like you by affecting them. This can be the best help book ever you would have perused that may totally change your life, behavior and communication skills.

6. Habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey

We watch inspirational recordings, read books get invigorated and choose to concentrate on our objectives yet after some time we return to our typical life ordinary routine in light of the fact that our vitality, inspiration get down consistently days and weeks. What we are today is a direct result of our habits. Great habits are the key factors between our success and failure. In this book, Stephen R.Covey tells the 7 major extraordinary habits which each effective individuals have.

1. Be proactive rather than reactive: Just take a moment before reacting to anything.

2. Begin with the End result in Mind

3. Put Important thing first

4. Continuously attempt to think Win-Win

 5. Probe before Act

6. Cooperative energy

7. Sharpen the Saw.

You should peruse this book and construct these incredible habits to become successful.

7. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Readers can find their way to change the chapter of their life. Every successful person has read this book and carved out a niche of creating more millionaires than any motivational book in history. You will be able to judge your working practices and will know about the secrets to success used by ultra-wealthy personalities

This book paves you a way on how to transform your dreams to reality and how to apply them in your life. So what are you waiting for! Don’t let your precious time be wasted and read this book if you are dedicated to your success.

8. The 4 hour work week By Tim Ferris

Finding ways to be more productive in less time? This book is surely for you! The 4 – Hour Workweek but if you work only 4-hours and can earn more, then it will be a smarter step for your growth and success. This book will teach you how you can work less and earn more by outsourcing your work by 80-20 principle and Parkinson’s law, Where you need to shorten your work time to limit tasks too important. This book shows you how you can use both together and get maximum benefits.


How many books you already read tell me in the comment section and tell us your personal feedback of the Book reading. 

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